About Oberwerth

Oberwerth, a German company, specializes in designing and producing high-quality camera bags and accessories. Founded in 2012, the company has quickly gained a reputation for creating innovative and functional products that cater to the needs of photographers and videographers. Oberwerth bags are made with durability and protection in mind, using materials such as full-grain leather and weather-resistant Cordura canvas to ensure that your gear stays safe and secure in any environment. In addition to camera bags, Oberwerth offers a range of accessories, such as straps and half cases, that perfectly complement Leica cameras. Oberwerth bags are one of our favorite choices for fashionably protecting our favorite Leica gear.

Oberwerth's Bags

We carry three main lines of Oberwerth bags here at Leica Store SF. Each line has a slightly different style and purpose. Oberwerth Bags have both luxurious and practical design elements. All of Oberwerth's bags were developed with the Leica photographer as the primary user. With a wide variety of options, we think there is an Oberwerth bag to fit every Leica photographer's needs. 

Oberwerth Hydro Line

About the Hydro Line

Oberwerth's newest line of bags, the Hydro line, is a truly unique all-leather camera bag designed specifically for the Leica photographer. With weather resistance being a major feature on today’s Leica cameras such as the Leica Q2 and Leica SL2 or SL2-S cameras, the Hydro line of camera bags from Oberwerth is the perfect compliment to these bags. Pour water on one of these bags, and the water simply pearls up and rolls off the bag keeping the bag dry and, more importantly, the contents inside safe from the elements. Oberwerth has spent careful attention to detail and made some very beautiful Hydro bags for the Leica Q2, Leica M11, and Leica SL cameras that specifically meet the needs of photographers using these systems.

Oberwerth Casual Line

About The Casual Line

Oberwerth’s casual line of bags is perfect for the photographer looking for a stylish and main stream looking bag. The causal line of bags features full-grain leather that is extremely supple. These bags also feature fully padded inserts with ample room to carry everyday essentials. These bags are great for more than just carrying a camera around, but can be used as an everyday bag while still looking professional and elegant.

→ Leo Voyager & Correspondent Bags

Developed in close consultation with LHSA (Now LSI - Leica Society International) - The International Leica Society, the Leo Voyager & Correspondent is possibly Oberwerth's most professional, minimalistic, straight-to-the-point camera bag for the dedicated Leica enthusiast. The Voyager, the larger of the two bags, is perfect for a large M system or a Leica SL with a couple of lenses. The Leo Correspondent, on the other hand, is smaller and fit s an M system or Leica Q2/CL/TL system neatly. 

→ Shop Leo Voyager (Medium Size)

→ Shop Leo Correspondent (Small Size)

Oberwerth Classic Line

About The Classic Line

Oberwerths Classic line of bags is by far their most popular. These bags complement Leica cameras extremely well in their ruggedness and durability. Featuring stiffer saddle leather and cordura materials the Classic line has a more stoute form. Also, it features a padded inside to keep your Leica cameras and lenses well protected no matter what the elements might bring. In addition the saddle leather, much like black paint finish, will patina with time and use, giving these bags a very beautiful look after many adventures.

→ About Cordura

Oberwerth uses Cordura, a top-quality and highly durable fabric, for its classic line bags and other products. Known for its strength and abrasion resistance, Cordura is often used in bulletproof vests and is made from robust polyamide fibers. The Cordura used by Oberwerth is also water repellent, making it a reliable choice for outdoor use. All of the Cordura used by the company is sourced from German manufacturers and is also used by the army, police, and in the production of motorcycle gear.

Oberwerth Half Cases For Leica

About Oberwerth Halfcases

These cases are designed to fit snugly around the body of your camera, providing protection for the camera and lenses while still allowing easy access to controls and ports. Oberwerth half cases are made with high-quality materials such as full-grain leather and weather-resistant canvas, ensuring your camera stays safe and secure in any environment. In addition to providing protection, these cases also add a touch of style to your camera, with various colors and finishes available to choose from.

→ About M11 Tagcases

Oberwerth's newest creation, the M11 tag case, allows photographers to quickly and discreetly slip an Apple Air stage into the base of their M11 half-case. Adding an Apple Air tag to your M11 can go a long way in protecting your M11 from being stolen or lost. The installation is simple, and these cases still retain the same open bottom functionality allowing photographers to get to the battery and memory card without removing the half case from the camera. The construction of these cases in line with the beautiful craftsmanship we have come to love in all Oberwerth products. 

Other Oberwerth Accessories

About Other Accessories

In the same vane, Oberwrth wrist and shoulder straps, along with other small accessories offer a luxurious accent to any Leica camera and feature the same materials found in their bags, and half cases.

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