What Is Made In Wetzlar?

At Made In Wetzlar, we specialize in crafting exclusive accessories tailored for the 35mm photography enthusiast. Our collection, ranging from unique apparel to technical gear, is thoughtfully designed and curated by Camera West and Leica Store San Francisco. Some items are created and designed in-house while others are collaborations with other like-minded brands. Our offerings are meticulously tailored to resonate with the distinct needs and lifestyles of photographers, especially those passionate about 35mm. 

Why focus on 35mm? 

The roots of 35mm photography trace back to Wetzlar, Germany, pioneered by Earnst Leitz over a century ago. We are convinced that 35mm photography has not only charted history since its birth but also holds a special place in capturing fleeting moments. While Made In Wetzlar is Leica Centric it is not exclusive to Leica photogrpahgy but rather seeks to celebrate and support the future of 35mm photogrpahy. Each of us plays a pivotal role in perpetuating the 35mm tradition, immortalizing daily life and the world around us.

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