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Product Information

Negative Supply and Leica Store SF/Camera West have collaborated to make an extraordinary one-of-a-kind Made In Wetzlar 35mm Scanning kit. The MIW 35mm Pro-Kit is the ultimate kit for getting the best scans of your 35mm negatives using any medium format, DSLR, or Mirrorless camera.

Our collaboration with Negative Supply

We have been working with Negative Supply for a number of years now, and we use and love their products for digitizing our film. The birth of the MIW Pro 35mm Kit started with a call to AJ, the CEO of Negative Supply who was excited to create the ultimate package of their products. After a series of conversations, we agreed on the products to be included, and even altered the style of the riser and film holder to be modified for the Made In Wetzlar brand.

Why Made In Wetzlar?

Made in Wetzlar's purpose is to inspire and develop a community by celebrating the enthusiast mindset around 35mm photography. As Leica users and photographers, we deeply connect with the birthplace of 35mm photography, Wetzlar, Germany. In this very place, the 35mm photography began, nearly by accident. Little did Ernst Leitz know when he shot the first 35mm negative that the birth of 35mm photography would change humanity forever. A compact and easy-to-use camera makes it possible to document life from the photographer's perspective. So Made In Wetzlar is by 35mm photographers for 35mm photographers whether you choose to use film or digital Nikon, Sony, Canon, Fujifilm, or our personal favorite, Leica.

The idea of the kit as a "Made In Wetzlar" Special edition came from our desire to develop (pun intended) 35mm photography. The MIW Pro 35mm kit is a tool that is not only functional but beautiful. Negative supply spent the time and effort painstakingly engraving the Pro MKIII riser and the knob on the Pro 35mm Carrier with the MIW icon. The touches of Red anodizing on the touch points round the whole kit out. We hope that the MIW Pro 35mm kit removes the boundaries of getting great scans of your film at home and provides a beautiful tool in your home studio or office.

What Do You Need To Scan?

The MIW x Negative Supply 35mm Pro kit was designed around the concept of digitizing film using all Leica systems. The Leica SL (SL, SL2, SL2-S) system line is the recommended digital camera to digitize your film, but many systems will work. Our decision to include the Pro Riser into the Kit was so that heavier camera systems could be supported. We recommend any SL system with any of the following lenses

The MIW x Negative Supply Pro 35mm Kit Details:

What Does The MIW Pro 35mm Pro Kit Include?

  • Pro Riser MK3 MIW Edition
  • Pro Film Carrier 35 MIW Edition
  • Pro Film Carrier 35 Full Border Scanning Cassette
  • Pro Film Carrier 35 Scanning Hood
  • 4x5 Light Source Basic 99 CRI
  • Pro Film Carrier 35 Adapter Plate for 4x5 Light Source Basic
  • MIW Icon T-Shirt (We will reach out directly before shipping to request your shirt size)

*blower rocket, Camera, and film sold separately. 

About The Pro Riser MK3:

One copy stand to rule them all. The Pro Riser MK3 supports all formats from 110 cartridge film to 8x10 large format, and allows you to confidently scan with nearly any digital camera and lens combination, including medium format system cameras. This is Negative Supply's most ideal copy stand for full-frame DSLR cameras, large full-frame mirrorless systems, and medium format systems.

About the Pro Film Carrier 35:

The Pro Film Carrier 35 is a professional tool capable of scanning all 35mm film formats including half frame, full frame (standard 35mm), and panoramic sizes in a single capture while maximizing film flatness. Featuring smooth-running bearings, solid CNC machined construction, and a suite of thoughtful and modular accessories, the Pro Film Carrier 35 is the ultimate tool for 35mm film scanning.


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