Leica Q3

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Camera West ID: 1138710

Product Information

  • 60MP BSI CMOS Sensor with Triple Resolution Technology
  • 14 stops of dynamic range and digital zoom options up to 90mm
  • New Maestro IV Processor with 8GB of buffer memory
  • State-of-the-art Hybrid Autofocus system with Contrast and Phase Detection autofocus with eye, face, body, and animal tracking
  • Tiltable backscreen with a 76% increase in resolution compared to the Leica Q2
  • EVF with 56% increase in resolution compared to the Leica Q2, now identical resolution and framerate as the Leica SL2 & SL2-S viewfinders
  • HDMI for video recording & USB-C for charging and data transfer
  • Up to 8K resolution output and ProRes video support
  • New battery with 18% more power than the previous generation
  • First-ever full-frame camera with wireless charging capabilities
  • 10x faster wireless transfer speeds to the Leica FOTOS app with embedded MIMO Technology
  • IP52 Weather Sealing Certification
  • Handmade in Germany

60MP BSI CMOS Sensor 

Leica continues its legacy of trailblazing innovation with the introduction of the first-ever 60MP BSI CMOS Sensor with Triple Resolution Technology in a Q series camera. The sensor affords an exceptional 14 stops of dynamic range, giving you the breadth to capture every nuance of light and shadow. Plus, the digital zoom now extends to an astounding 90mm, letting you bring the world up close and personal.

Maestro IV Processor

The Leica Q3 also introduces the new Maestro IV Processor with a generous 8GB of buffer memory. This combination enables speed, performance, and accuracy unlike anything you've seen before.

Hybrid Autofocus

Experience the precision of the newly integrated state-of-the-art Hybrid Autofocus system, armed with Contrast and Phase Detection autofocus. The AI-powered eye, face, body, and animal tracking abilities ensure you never miss a shot, whether you're capturing intimate portraits or observing wildlife.

Seamless Viewfinding experience

We've revolutionized the user experience with a new tiltable backscreen offering a 76% boost in resolution over the Leica Q2, ensuring your composed shots are sharp and true-to-life. Moreover, the newly created EVF provides a staggering 56% increase in resolution from the Leica Q2, matching the performance of the Leica SL2 & SL2-S viewfinders for a seamless viewfinding experience.


With new ports for HDMI and USB-C, video recording, charging, and data transfer have never been easier. Achieve professional-level filmmaking with 8K resolution output and ProRes video support, transforming everyday moments into cinematic masterpieces.

Battery Life

Powered by a newly designed battery, the Leica Q3 offers 18% more power than its predecessor. But it doesn't stop there: it's the first-ever full-frame camera with wireless charging capabilities, ensuring that you're always ready to capture the next perfect shot.

Wireless Transfer Via Leica FOTOS

Enjoy 10x faster wireless transfer speeds to the Leica FOTOS app, courtesy of the embedded MIMO Technology. Share your creations with ease, wherever you are.

Weather Sealed

Designed to withstand the elements, the Leica Q3 is awarded an IP52 Weather Sealing Certification. Rain or shine, it's the reliable companion for your most adventurous outings.

Make the Leica Q3 truly yours with a new line of accessories designed to customize its look and feel. From stylish camera straps to robust protective cases, we've got you covered.

Handmade in Germany, the Leica Q3 exemplifies the meticulous craftsmanship and unrivaled engineering synonymous with the Leica brand.

Camera type Digital 35mm compact camera
Type No. 6506
Order No. 19080 EU/US/CN, 19081 JP, 19082 ROW
Buffer memory 8GB Capacity, depending on frame rate and picture format, estimated quantity (number of possible images in the buffer memory)
Storage medium UHS-II (recommended), UHS-I, SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card
Material Full metal housing: magnesium die-cast, leather covering, protection type IP52
Operating conditions 0°C to +40°C
Interfaces ISO accessory shoe with additional control contacts for Leica flash units, HDMI jack TypeD, USB3.1 Gen2 TypeC up to 10Gbps
Tripod thread A 1⁄4 DIN 4503 (1⁄4”) with stainless steel in the base
Dimensions (See Above)
Weight Approx. 743g/658g (with/without battery)
Sensor size CMOS sensor, 62.39MP/60.3MP (total/effective)
Processor RGB color filter, UV/IR filter, no low-pass filter
File formats Photo: DNGTM (raw data), DNG + JPG, JPG (DCF 2.0, Exif 2.31) Video:
MP4: h.265 AAC 48kHz/16bit h.264 AAC 48kHz/16bit
MOV: h.265 LPCM 28kHz/24bit h.264 LPCM 28kHz/24bit ProRes LPCM 28kHz/24bit
Image resolution DNG: 9520x6336 pixels (60.3MP) 7404x4928 pixels (36.5MP) 5288x3518 pixels (18.6MP)
JPG: 9520x6336 pixels (60.3MP) 7392x4928 pixels (36.4MP) 5280x3512 pixels (18.5MP)
File size DNGTM: approx. 70MB, depending on resolution and image content
JPG:depending on resolution and image content
Video: max. length: 29min
Color depth DNGTM: 14bit / JPG: 8bit
Video Resolution C8K (17:9): 8192x4320
8K (16:9): 7680x4320
C4K (17:9): 4096x2160
Full HD (16:9): 1920x1080
Video frame rate/bit rate (Please see full specifications on leica-camera.com/en-US)
Designation Leica Summilux 28 f/1.7 ASPH., 11 lenses in 9 segments, 3 aspherical lens areas
Lens filter thread E49
Digital zoom Optionally approx. 1.25x (equivalent to 35mm), approx.1.8x (equivalent to 50mm), approx.2.7x (equivalent to 75mm), or approx. 3.2x (equivalent to 90mm)
Image stabilization Visual compensation system for photos and video recordings
Aperture range F1.7 to F16 in 1⁄3EV increments
Viewfinder/LCD panel
Viewfinder (EVF) Resolution: 5,760,000dots, 120fps, magnification: 0.79x at aspect ratio: 4:3 / 0.76x at aspect ratio: 3:2, frame coverage: 100%, exit pupil position: 20.75mm, setting range -4/+2dpt, with eye sensor for automatic switchover between viewfinder and LCD panel, time delay 0.005s
LCD panel 3” TFT LCD, approx. 1,843,200dots, 384ppi, aspect ratio 3:2, touch panel
Shutter type Mechanical central shutter or optional electronic shutter
Shutter speeds Mech. shutter: 120s to 1⁄2000s Electro. shutter function: 1s to 1⁄16000s Flash Synchronization: up to 1⁄2000s
Shutter button Two-stage (1st stage: Activation of the camera electronics including autofocus and exposure metering, 2nd stage: Taking the picture)
Self-timer Delay time: 2s or 12s
Drive Mode Single, Interval Shooting, Exposure Bracketing
Continuous shooting: – Continuous - 2 fps / 14 bit / AF, Continuous - 4 fps / 14 bit / AF:
Automatic settings (exposure settings in operating modes P/A/S, automatic white balance and autofocus) are implemented individually for each frame.
– Continuous - 7 fps / 14 bit, Continuous - 9 fps / 12 bit, Continuous - 15 fps / 12 bit: Automatic settings (exposure settings in operating modes P/A/S, automatic white balance and autofocus) are implemented for the first frame, and are then applied for each subsequent frame in the same picture series.
Focus range 30cm to ∞ With macro setting: from 17cm
Focus mode Automatic or manual
With manual setting: optional magnifying glass function (Auto Magnification) and edge marking (Focus Peaking) available as focus assist
Autofocus system Hybrid-AF due to combination of contrast metering, depth mapping, and phase comparison metering with AF metering points in the sensor.
Autofocus modes Intelligent AF (autonomously selects AFs and AFc), AFs, AFc, AF setting can be saved, optional Touch AF
Autofocus metering methods Spot (can be shifted), Field (can be shifted and scaled), Multi-Field, Zone (can be shifted), Eye/Face/Body Detection, Eye/Face/Body + Animal Detection, Tracking
Autofocus metering fields 315
Exposure metering TTL (exposure metering through the lens), with working aperture
Metering principle Exposure metering is done by the image sensor for all exposure metering methods (in Live View mode and in rangefinder mode)
Exposure metering methods Spot, Center-Weighted, Highlight-Weighted, Multi-Field
Exposure modes Program AE mode (P) Aperture-priority mode (A): manual aperture setting Shutter-priority mode (S): manual shutter-speed setting Manual (M): manual setting for shutter speed and aperture Various fully automated variants (Scene Mode): AUTO, Sport, Portrait, Landscape, Night Portrait, Snow/Beach, Fireworks, Candlelight, Sunset, Digiscoping
Exposure compensation ±3 EV in 1⁄3EV increments
Automatic bracketing 3 or 5 frames, graduations between shoots up to 3EV, in 1⁄3EV increments additional optional exposure compensation: up to ±3EV
ISO sensitivity range Auto ISO ISO 100 to ISO 100000 ISO 100 to ISO 100000 Manual ISO 50 to ISO 100000 ISO 50 to ISO 100000
White balance Automatic (Auto), default (Daylight, Cloudy, Shadow, Tungsten, Flash), manual metering (Gray card), manual color temperature settings (Color Temperature, 2000K to 11500K)
Flash unit connector Via the accessory shoe
Flash sync time :1⁄2000s, slower shutter speeds available, automatic changeover to TTL linear flash mode with HSS-compatible Leica system flash units if sync time is undercut
Flash exposure metering Using center-weighted TTL pre-flash metering with Leica flash units (SF26, SF40, SF58, SF60, SF64) or with system- compatible flash units, remote controlled flash SFC1
Flash exposure compensation SF40: ±2EV in 1⁄2EV increments / SF60: ±2EV in 1⁄3EV increments
Microphone Stereo
Speaker Mono
WLAN WLAN function for connecting to the Leica FOTOS app. The Leica app is available from the Apple App StoreTM or the Google Play StoreTM.
Maximum output (e.i.r.p.): <14dBm, encryption method: WLAN-compatible WPATM/WPA2TM/WPA3TM
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0 LE: Channel 0–39 (2402–2480MHz), maximum output (e.i.r.p.): 10dBm
GPS Not available everywhere due to country-specific legislation; can be added via the Leica FOTOS app. Data is written to Exif header of the picture files.
Menu languages English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean
Power supply
Rechargeable battery (Leica BP-SCL6) Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, rated voltage: 7.2V (DC); capacity: 2200mAh (min.), 350 shots (based on CIPA standard, with All Displays Auto Off = 5s); manufacturer: Panasonic Energy (Wuxi) Co. Ltd., Made in China
Charger (Leica BC-SCL4) Input: AC 100–240V, 50/60Hz, 0.25A, automatic switchover; output: DC 8.4V 0.85A; manufacturer: Salom Electric (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., Made in China
Charging via USB During operation: 9V/3A (min. 27W) With camera switched off: 5V/1500mA (2.5W or greater)
Wireless Charging Optimal performance with 9V chargers (10W Charging Pad required)
Rated values for input voltage/power 7.2V 2.3A (battery), 5V 3.0A / 9V 2.5A (USB)

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