Billingham Hadley Small Pro Camera Bag


Camera West ID: 667542

Product Information

  • Made of a 3-layer waterproof material
  • Real, full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather
  • Solid brass fixings
  • Individual serial number
  • 5-year manufacturers guarantee
  • Made in England

Removable Padded Insert

The flexible padded insert is made from dense, fabric-covered, ‘closed cell’ foam and provides impact protection on all sides, including the lid. Like the bag itself, it is flexible front-to-back to allow it to fit slightly bigger gear than its dimensions suggest. ​

2x vertical dividers and 2x horizontal flap dividers are included and can be attached anywhere inside with Velcro®.​

It can also be removed to turn the bag from a camera bag to a casual messenger bag in seconds.

Back Pocket with Weatherproof Zip 

A weatherproof zipper on the back pocket helps give extra protection to travel documents and other important items held there, as well as providing handy access without needing to open the main compartment of the bag.

Front Dump Pockets 

The front dump pockets are perfect for cables, film, spare batteries, and those little bits and bobs you want to keep separate, whilst providing great extra storage space.​ ​

On the top-outside corner of each pocket is a pop-clip. Release this to expand the space available. Keep it closed to form a perfect place to clip pens, pencils, etc.

Need to Carry an IPad?

The space between the padded insert and the back of the bag naturally creates a thin extra pocket, this will fit an 11” iPad.​ ​

Please note this section is only padded on one side so you may wish to use a slim case.​ ​

Removable Shoulder Sling

The Hadley Small Pro features a shoulder sling that can be adjusted longer or shorter to suit your height and shooting style.​ ​

It can also be completely and easily removed in seconds if you would prefer to carry the bag using only its top handle. ​ ​

It is made from strong shuttle weaved polyester, top-grain leather, and solid brass.​

'QRS' Front Straps and Sculpted Top Flap 

The leather front straps have the ‘Quick Release System’ feature – just lift the top of the strap up and over the brass clogball for quick access to the main compartment.​ ​

The buckles allow you to fine-tune the ‘fit’ of the front pockets. You don't need to use the buckle to open the bag.​ ​ The sculpted top flap helps prevent rain, snow, or unwanted fingers from getting into the main compartment.

It is made of the same 3-layer waterproof fabric as the rest of the bag. ​

Top Handle 

An easy carry top handle is reinforced with fiberglass and has leather on the underside to allow you to pick up and carry the bag with comfort, without using the shoulder sling.

Luggage Trolley Strap 

Attach your camera bag safely to your suitcase when traveling through a busy airport or city.

Ability to Add Avea End Pockets 

Optional AVEA 7 End Pockets can clip onto the strong leather side panels at either end of the bag. These can add storage or help your organization to keep everything easily accessible when you need it.

Discrete and Slim 

The discrete styling of the Hadley Small Pro means that it doesn’t look like a camera bag – ideal for traveling without drawing attention.​ ​

As a slim bag, it’s naturally flexible, molding to the body of the wearer and helping weave through crowds.​ ​

Hadley Small VS Hadley Small Pro 

The Hadley Small and Hadley Small Pro have the exact same internal padded insert and can therefore carry the same amount of equipment. ​ ​

The difference between the two camera bags is that the Hadley Small Pro has added features that should make it even better for many professional photographers and demanding enthusiasts.​

  • Removable shoulder sling​
  • Ability to add AVEA 7 End Pockets​
  • Luggage trolley strap on the back​
  • Top handle​
  • Rear document zip pocket​ ​

The minimal external dimension differences are due to the top handle, shoulder sling fixings, and the leather side patches giving the ability to add AVEA 7 End Pockets.​

Hadley Small Pro VS Hadley Pro 2020 

The Hadley Pro 2020 is simply a bigger version of the Hadley Small Pro, sharing exactly the same features.

The Hadley Small Pro is compatible with AVEA 7 End Pockets. The Hadley Pro 2020 is compatible with AVEA 7 and AVEA 8 end pockets.

An example of the difference in size between the two camera bags; the Hadley Small Pro is capable of carrying a Canon 5D with a small to medium lens attached, plus a second column with two small lenses stacked on top of each other. The extra height and width of the Hadley Pro 2020 would let you have a third column where you could carry a 70-200mm lens as well.

What Does it Fit?
  • Most small-to-medium DSLRs (e.g. Canon 5D, Nikon D750 without a battery grip, etc) with a small-to-medium lens attached. Plus 1 or 2 lenses spare or a Speedlight.
  • Almost any mirrorless/CSC camera (e.g. Fujifilm XT-4, Sony A7IV, Canon R6, Nikon Z7) with small to medium lens attached. Plus 1-2 lenses spare or a flash.
  • Two rangefinder cameras (e.g. Leica M10 & Leica M6) with almost any lens attached.
  • Almost any bridge camera (e.g. Leica V-Lux 5, Sony RX10 IV, Lumix FZ2000, etc) plus space to spare.
  • Medium-Large binoculars (e.g. Canon 10X42L IS WP or Nikon EDG 10x42) with space to spare.
  • Small foldable drones such as Mavic Air 2 or Mavic Mini 2.

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