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Leica M11 Half Case made of the finest premium leather

The Half Cases from Oberwerth for your Leica M11 are characterized by the highest precision in workmanship and the best quality of materials. The Half Cases for the Leica M11 are handmade and unique in their high-quality feel and look.

The Leica M11 Half Cases protect your camera like a second skin. They are made of the finest, but most robust leather. Inside, the cases are lined with soft velour, which wraps your camera like protective skin and guarantees a gentle attachment of the Half Case to your M11 camera.

The perfect fit of the Half Case is guaranteed by the integrated aluminum reinforcements. Unlike other manufacturers, we have chosen aluminum because it provides stronger support and protection for your camera and the Half Case thus remains flexible. In this way, you are able to customize the Half Case to fit your camera by applying light pressure.

Of course, the Half Case guarantees access to all common functions of the M11 camera. All controls and the display are kept free and framed by the Half Case. Thanks to the large flap in the bottom panel of the Half Case, you get easy and quick access to the camera's battery, SD card, and USB-C port. So you don't have to remove the Half Case from the camera during normal use.

The Leica M11 Half Case from Oberwerth also provides protection for the display: The optional flap for the display is held magnetically and can be removed and reattached as if by magic. In this way, you protect the large display and the controls from scratches, bumps, or other external influences during transport and thus preserve the beauty and value of your Leica M11 camera.

The perfect grip on the camera is guaranteed by the Leica M11 Half Case thanks to the perfectly shaped grip piece on the front of the case, which gives you the maximum grip and comfort while shooting.

Details of the Leica M11 Half Case
  • Unique look and feel combined in the highest craftsmanship
  • Finest cowhide leather combined with soft suede to protect your M11 camera
  • Aluminum reinforcement for perfect fit and subsequent adjustment to the camera
  • Full access to common controls
  • Quick access to the battery, SD card, and USBC port thanks to the flap in the bottom plate
  • integrated, ergonomically designed handle for maximum grip on the camera

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About Oberwerth's Classic Leather

Oberwerth's vegetable-tanned leather is a natural product and meets the highest ecological standards. It is harmless and free of heavy metals. No varnishes, plastics, or similar surface sealants are used. This is the only way to guarantee that this leather is a natural, low-pollutant product. The open-pored and extremely breathable leather is thus more sensitive to stains than conventional, industrially manufactured leather, but lovers of such leather appreciate the natural patina that results.

Since leather is a natural product, each hide has areas with a fiber structure of varying strength. Depending on the fiber structure, color pigments penetrate more or less deeply into the hide during vegetable tanning. Thus, it can happen that the naturally dyed, chemically untreated, and especially not coated natural leather stains when wet, prolonged, and in direct contact with fabric and high humidity. Please be aware of this especially at the beginning of using your bags, the effect will fade after a few weeks. The discoloration should normally come off in the machine as these are water-based inks that are used.

The only way Oberwerth could change this would be to chemically treat (seal) the vegetable-tanned leather afterward. You could also say if they were to botch. However, with Oberwerth's vegetable-tanned leathers, the desire to preserve the natural look and pleasant feel of the leather is paramount. This is the only way the bags form their unique patina over time.

These discolorations are therefore rather a quality feature of the bag and proof that it is really a vegetable-tanned bag. They do not represent a defect.

Oberwerth's Classic Leather

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