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Created for lovers of 35mm and 120 film, you can affordably jump into the world of film scanning with this comprehensive kit! Including the Negative Supply basic film carriers for 35mm and 120 film, a solid copy stand, and a high-quality 99 CRI light source, this kit includes everything you need to scan the most popular film formats.

Product Information

This kit was officially made possible after the introduction of Negative Supply's long-anticipated Basic Film Carrier 120!

Complete Basic Kit for 35mm and 120 Film Scanning Includes:

  • Basic Film Carrier 35: Being both affordable and incredibly simple to use, the Basic Film Carrier 35 guarantees fast and sharp scans of your 35mm film, both for cut strips or uncut rolls.
  • Basic Film Carrier 120: Quickly and easily scan up to 6x9cm negatives in a single capture. Guarantees film flatness with a magnetic hinge mechanism, full rolls can be scanned in 60 seconds or less.
  • 4x5 Light Source Basic (99 CRI - includes international power supply): Light source specifically designed for scanning photographic film for 35mm up through 4x5. Compact and bright, this is a great light pad for both color and black and white film. This kit comes with the 99 CRI variant which is suggested for C41 and slide film scanning.
  • Basic Riser MK2: With a solid aluminum base and machined aluminum head, the new Basic Riser MK2 boasts height adding 3 inches over the Basic Riser MK1 and uses a texturized, solid aluminum base. This is ideal for users looking to scan 35mm and 120 with effective focal lengths of ~100mm.
  • Full Border Scanning Guides for Basic Film Carrier 35: This device allows you to scan the full image area of your 35mm film + sprocket holes to capture that awesome, unmistakable look of 35mm film.
  • Basic Film Carrier 35 Stabilizing Mask: This accessory holds the Basic Film Carrier 35 firmly to the 4x5 Light Source Basic and helps mask extraneous light when scanning.

New to the process of scanning film with a digital camera? Negative Supply is here to help!

”Complete Basic Kit” ships with a quick reference guide and a scannable QR code with quick links to getting started videos, tips and tricks, and a link to schedule a free support call if you need further assistance.

Negative Supply's goal is for you to spend more time making photographs, not scanning them, and with their Complete Basic Kit, you can do just that!

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