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The Leica SL2 System

The Leica SL2 is Leica's most advanced 35mm full-frame camera ever. Ready for anything, the Leica SL2, and SL2-s are feature-packed adventure-ready cameras purpose-built always perform when called upon. No matter what the task is you have in mind, the Leica SL2 system is there to help you accomplish it with ease.

The Leica SL2 and SL2-S feature some of the best tech ever placed in a Leica digital camera. Both cameras are compelling image-making tools, but depending on your exact needs, the SL2 or SL2-S might be the right choice for you

Leica SL2 Key Highlights | Best for Ultimate Image Quality

- 47MP CMOS full-frame sensor

- In Body Stabilization and Sensor shift tech featuring 187mp multi-shot mode
4k video recording

- High-resolution Eyres Viewfinder

- Fast Maestro III Image processor

- IP54 Dust and SPlash proof construction

    Leica SL2-S Highlights | Best for Photo and professional Video recording

    - 24MP CMOS-Back Side Illuminated full-frame Sensor

    - Future Proof 4k Video with HEVC compression and 10-bit/4k60p recording

    - High-resolution Eyres Viewfinder

    - Cine Mode for professional motion picture creation

    - Fast Maestro III Image processor

    - In Body Stabilization and Sensor shift tech featuring 96mp multi-shot mode
    IP54 Dust and SPlash proof construction


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      Leica L-Mount

      The Leica L-Mount | Leica's most adaptable mount

      The Leica L-Mount is by far the most versatile lens mount ever developed. Adaptable to hundreds if not thousands of Leica lenses, both modern and vintage, the Leica L-mount can handle Leica M, Leica Screw Mount, Leica S, Leica R, and native Leica SL lenses all in one mount. In addition to adaptable Leica lenses, the L-mount alliance opens the doors to a wide array of third-party lenses allowing you to find the perfect optics to fit your needs.

      Leica SL Lenses

      Leica SL Lenses

      Leica SL lenses feature some of the most technologically advanced designs ever produced by Leica. Do more, see more and create more with these stunning optics.

      Shop All Leica SL Lenses

      APO-Summicron-SL Primes | Fast, Compact & Breathtaking Prime Lenses

      We like to call these the "crown jewel" of Leica optical engineering. Everything Leica has done in the past 100 plus years of engineering fine optics culminates in these beautiful APO-Summicron-SL lenses. the APO-Summicron-SL lenses are available in all of your favorite prime focal lengths such as 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 90mm.

      Vario-SL Zoom Lenses | Versatile Optics

      Offering the most versatility out of any optics in Leica's SL system, the Vario-SL zoom lenses feature prime-like image quality in a very flexible focal range.

      Leica M-Adapter L

      L-Mount Adapters | Bring all of your Leica Lenses to the SL2 system

      No matter what kind of Leica system you have currently, you can use your current Leica lenses on the Leica SL. Find the correct adapter to fit your needs.

      Leica Sl2 Accessories

      Leica SL2 Accessories | Purpose-built accessories for the Leica SL2

      Make the SL2 yours with these purpose-built accessories. Read our guide to SL2 accessories on the Leica Store SF Blog.

      The Leica SL2 Guide to Accessories

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