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A virtual way for you to explore the world of Leica through the Team and Resources at Leica Store San Francisco.

San Francisco provides photographers with a one-of-a-kind environment for photography. Its rich history, unique location, and surroundings make it one of the best places to witness and document the world through the lens of a Leica. We look forward to sharing Leica's rich photographic culture and expertise as it relates to both vintage and modern Leica cameras, lenses, books, and accessories with the world beyond the San Francisco Bay area via a virtual interaction.

Leica Store San Francisco provides a unique photographic experience, one that we are very proud of. If you have not yet been able to visit us in-store, we hope you can one day. Until then, we invite you to experience Leica Store San Francisco / explore, a new way to interact with us, the Leica Store San Francisco Team.

Introducing Leica Store San Francisco / explore, the world of Leica Online. A virtual interactive service built to provide everyone with an opportunity to interact live, virtually, with Leica Store San Francisco support. We look forward to answering your Leica camera and lens-related questions or about Leica photography in general.

Learn About Leica

We are here to answer your questions via a bespoke virtual interactive session tailored to address your Leica questions and provide you with valuable information.

Shop In-Store

Looking for a specific Leica product? Want to see a pre-owned item in-store before purchasing? Shop in-store live with us and get a better understanding to your next Leica camera, lens or accessory before you purchase.

Trade-In Gear

We perform appraisals of most photo-related equipment. Many individuals have transitioned to a Leica camera and lens by trading in. Explore how you can Trade in non-leica gear, Leica, and even watches for new gear.

1-on-1 Service*

Do you have specific questions or just want a better understanding of your Leica so that you can make the best photographs possible? We are Leica photographers and specialists, with the experience to address your needs.

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Please make use of the calendar to pick a date and time and input your specific questions and information. We look forward to meeting with you and helping address your Leica questions and needs.

1.   Pick a time that works best for you.

2.  Follow the steps and fill out the form; with your questions and information and let us know how we can help you.

3.  Receive a calendar Invite reminding you of your meeting and a link to the Google Meeting link; you will be assigned to one of our available Leica Store San Francisco expert team members during the time slot you requested. 

4.  Meet with your LSSF expert virtually in-store! Get your questions answered and experience the difference that is Leica Store San Francisco / explore!

    *for longer instructional Q and A meetings over 15 minutes, we offer a bespoke Leica Store San Francisco 1-to-1 Instruction Session that can address specific questions and help master your Leica camera and lens.

    Meet the Leica SF Team

    We are Leica photographers, enthusiasts, and collectors. All of us at Leica Store San Francisco are passionate about Leica Photography, and we look forward to serving you.

    Wayne Serrano

    Photojournalist, Media Production, and Leica Specialist

    [email protected]

    Hello, My name is Wayne Serrano and my areas of expertise are the Leica M-System family of cameras and lenses, as well as the SL and S systems. My primary strengths are documentary photography and the use of natural available light, working exclusively with Leica cameras and lenses.

    I have in-depth knowledge of Leica products and can address questions related to film and digital photography as well as video, use of available light or photo strobes, digital asset management, and editing workflow processes. I also lead the One-to-One training sessions and photo walks that many have found beneficial in gaining a better understanding of their cameras and improving their photography.

    Joined LSSF: 2014

    Currently Based: San Francisco, CA

    First Leica: M3

    Personal Work Leica: MP, R6.2, M9

    Assignments Leica: MP, M9, M11, SL2/SL2-S

    Next Leica: MP

    Favorite Photographers: Hernri Cartier-Bresson, Werner Bischof, Sebastião Salgado, Ernst Haas, Alex Webb, Josef Koudelka

    Website: www.wayneserrano.com | Instagram: @serranowe

    Alex Ramos 

    Leica Sales & Gallery Director

    [email protected]

    My name is Alex Ramos and I have been with Leica San Francisco since 2014. After years of working with Leica equipment, I have gained a strong appreciation for the brand's incredible array of optics. My personal favorite cameras are the Leica M and SL systems, but the Q2 is usually with me during my travels. I have experience with the entire Leica product line, both contemporary and vintage, and I am in charge of curating the photography book selection at Leica SF.

    I gained an appreciation for photography as a teenager. Ever since, I immersed myself in photography and then found my focus in the photography industry, with my professional experiences and knowledge related to photography galleries and curation.

    Joined Leica Store SF: 2014

    Hometown: Berkeley, CA

    First Leica: Leica M6

    Next Leica: M11-M

    Favorite Photographers: Ralph Gibson, Todd Hido, Michael Jang

    Website: www.alexramosphoto.com | Instagram: @alexramosphoto

    Carlo Velasquez

    Logistics & Content Creator

    [email protected]

    Hello, My name is Carlo Velasquez and I am in charge of Social Media Management & Content Creation at Leica Store San Francisco. I have a strong background in street photography, use of natural light, and in-depth applied knowledge in all aspects of film production. I work primarily with 35mm film and the Leica M-A is my everyday carry camera. However, I am very well versed in the Leica digital systems as well as regularly make use of the current Leica M cameras as well as the Leica SL2-S for video production.

    Joined Leica Store SF: 2019

    Hometown: Concord, CA

    First Leica: Leica CL (Film)

    Next Leica: Leica MP

    Favorite Photographers: Alex Webb, Jack Davison, Gary Winogrand, Greg Hunt

    Favorite Photobook: River’s Dream by Curran Hatleberg

    Website: Leftf0otforward.com | Instagram: @leftf0otforward

    Sam Schubert

     Operations & Sales

    [email protected]

    Hello! My name is Sam Schubert, I am the Operations Manager at Leica Store San Francisco. I will be your main point of contact for appraisals of both vintage and current production photographic equipment.

    I started photographing at a very young age and received a BFA in Photography from the Maryland Institute of College of Art. I am inspired by photography that incorporates various media, including sculpture, performance and text. My first Leica camera was a Leica MP film camera and my current digital system is the Leica Q2 Monochrom.

    Joined Leica Store SF: 2016

    Hometown: Hudson Valley, NY

    First Leica: Leica MP 0.72

    Next Leica: Leica Q2 Monochrom

    Favorite Photographers: Richard Long, Sophie Calle, Jeff Mermelstein

    Favorite Photography Book: Larry Sultan Pictures From Home

    Website: www.samantha-schubert.com | Instagram: @samagrams

    Sal Galib

    Pre-Owned Inventory & Sales

    [email protected]

    Hi, my name is Sal Galib, and at Leica Store San Francisco I am involved with the processing of pre-owned photo gear; this includes but is not limited to the photographing of cameras, lenses, and accessories. I am also responsible for creating the product descriptions that accompany the items and the listing of those items on the various Leica Store San Francisco and Camera West portals.

    Having been a freelance photographer since 1980, specializing in documentary and travel photography I have a strong background working with 35mm and medium format B&W film, darkroom developing and printing as well as all aspects of digital photography.

    Joined Leica Store SF: 2022

    Hometown: Oakland, CA

    First Leica: M6

    Next Leica: M11

    Favorite Photographers: Sebastiao Salgado, W. Eugene Smith, Larry Burrows

    Instagram: @Spark_plug