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“Zagato” Edition M10

During the Leitz Park opening a new special edition M10 was announced in a partnership we have loved before. The Zagato M10 is an illustrious and beautifully designed digital M. The combination of Zagato's Italian design and Leica's German engineering is a collaboration of beautiful magnitude.

The "Zagato" M10 Special edition set features a completely redesigned shell. A protruding ergonomic hand grip, as well as a signature red shutter release with hundreds of milled grooves, signify the exterior of the Zagato M10. Matching 35mm Summilux lenses with the Zagato emblem placed on the inside of the lens barrel feature paint free lens markings and a black dot along with a unique focus tab. To make this edition more special it is not easy to get one's hands on since Leica is only producing 250 units worldwide and each unit is engraved with the series number.

For some time now many of us have loved the Zagato edition Ultravids. The fit an finish is impeccable, and the design is nothing but perfection. To see a matching M10 with many of the same characteristics is very exciting. The special design marks on this camera are endless. It is a complete facelift from a normal M10. It not only looks different, but it feels different in the hand. The milled groves have a precise and yet industrial feeling, the strap lugs do not require rings, and the included strap can simply pull through the lugs as to not scratch the finish. The camera is even lighter due primarily to its aluminum construction.

The "Zagato" Edition M10 set is something truly special and one of the prettiest digital M cameras we have seen! That being said we will let the photos speak for themselves.

By Ben Carpenter

July 7, 2018