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Thumbprints & Signatures: The Leica 13.5cm Hektor lens

Today in Thumbprint & Signatures; a series that highlights the unique visual signature of Leica lenses, new and old, we are featuring the Leica13.5cm f4.5 Hektor.

Constructed in the early 1930’s, the Leica 13.5cm Hektor had a fairly long lifespan before the end of its production in 1960. This lens was described to have a sharp signature with high resolving power with excellent color accuracy. This proved to be the foundation that Leica built its successors upon. Wide open, the Leica 13.5cm Hektor has a unique softness to its rendering yet leaves clarity in the finer details, and the color rendition is purely natural. If you have ever had an interest in a longer focal length lens, this classic gets the job done for a very approachable price point.

By Carlo Velasquez

July 29, 2021