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Thumbprint & Signatures: Leica Thambar-M 90mm f2.2 lens

Today in Thumbprint & Signatures; a series that highlights the unique visual signature of Leica lenses, new and old, we are featuring the Leica Thambar-M 90mm f2.2 lens.

This legendary lens was originally released in 1935 with only 2,984 units made and this was Leica’s only “soft focus” lens. The name “Thambar” originates from the Greek term “thambo” meaning “blurred. This allowed photographers to achieve a romantic painterly aesthetic that no other Leica lenses could produce due to their sharpness. The dreamy like images produced from this lens are the combination of deliberately under-corrected spherical aberrations and a 20 bladed aperture that results in circular out of focus highlights. In 2017, Leica reintroduced this lens into the modern world with minimal changes to the original design and modern materials. This lens paired with the Leica M10-R lets you create stunning dreamlike images in the modern age.

Photos by: @leftf0otforward

By Carlo Velasquez

April 1, 2021