The Leica M11 is here! The mutch anticipated and talked about release from Leica has finally made its appearance, and we can't wait to share with you all some of the things we've been doing with the Leica M11.

Never before have we seen a digital Leica M camera so capable yet simple and true to its roots. In the same way that a Porsche 911 is an icon to automotive design, or the Rolex Submariner is an icon of horology, the Leica M serves as an icon of legendary photography. The Leica M has always been a tool that never required more attention than necessary from the craftsman. The Leica M, simply put, always has been a tool of precision and simplicity. Less is more with the Leica M, and to the photographer, this means focusing on the craft rather than the instrument used. The Leica M11 ushers in a new era of Leica M Photography with the pairing of precision german ingenuity, time-proven design, and the proper application of cutting-edge technology.

We have several different resources for you and will be adding more content and resources in the days to come. We're long-time Leica M users, enthusiasts, and photographers. We've spent hours behind the M11, testing it, creating with it, learning about it, and we cannot wait to share with you some of the things that the Leica M11 has enabled us to do. We may be biased, but we believe that the San Francisco area provides some of the most interesting city environments and stunning landscapes for photographers. Our environment proved to be a perfect testing ground for the Leica M11.

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The Leica M11 is handcrafted in Germany. Our stock situation on the Leica M11 is a bit unknown, for this reason, we are not accepting pre-orders with payment as we cannot guaranty an ETA. Instead, we have created a reservation list. Use the link below to reserve the M11 today! You will be notified as soon as we have an M11 available for you.

Leica M11 First Look with Carlo on Camera West TV

Join Carlo on Camera West TV as we take a First Look at the Leica M11. Carlo takes the Leica M11 to Frank Lloyd Wrights's iconic work located just outside San Francisco in San Rafael, the Marin County Civic Center. The Marin County Civic center provides Carlo with an ideal place for Carlo to test the Multifeild metering, high dynamic range, and other improvements. Follow Carlo along as he pushes the boundaries of what the Leica M11 can help the photographer accomplish.

Follow the link below to Read More about Carlo's experience with the Leica M11 and gain access to all the sample photos taken during the filming of this video.

A Hands-On Review of the Leica M11 | by Alex Ramos

Alex Ramos, Gallery Director at Leica Store SF, and photographer, takes the camera around the city testing its capabilities in a wide range of scenarios. We invite you to read Alex's overview of the Leica M11 as well as download his Full-size DNG files for your viewing pleasure.

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What We Love About The Leica M11

Incredible BSI Sensor

This new Sensor Leica has put in the Leica M11 is unlike anything we have ever seen before. The Low ISO setting goes down to ISO 64, making it capable of rendering like Kodachrome film and producing results that we found to be on par with many medium format cameras. The backlit sensor also makes it highly desirable in low-light scenarios, and the triple resolution capabilities make managing our images easy.

Productivity & Connectivity

Sharing, editing, and publishing your photos from the Leica M11 has never been easier. We immensely enjoyed using the USB-C port on the bottom of the camera for easy file transfer to our Apple mobile devices via the Leica Fotos app. In addition to using a fast UHS-II SD card, the Leica M11 also features a 64gb internal storage for when you leave the memory cards at home (we've all been there!)

Better Battery Life

More photography, less charging & battery swapping for us is a significant bonus. The battery in the Leica M11 has a 64% capacity bump over the Leica M10 battery. In addition, the new battery design reminiscent of the Leica S and SL cameras makes swapping batteries when needed easier than ever. If you only have one battery, simply use the USB-C port on the bottom of the camera in conjunction with a wall charger or battery bank to charge on the go, just like any other electronic device.

Mechanical & Electronic Shutter

You like to shoot your fast Leica optics wide open if you are anything like us! The new electronic shutter on the Leica M11 allows you to use fast optics at the aperture they were designed for while controlling your exposure without the need for ND filters.

Perfectly Matched to Any Leica M Optic

Leica M optics constitute a significant part of why the Leica M is a legendary photography icon. We love shooting both modern and vintage lenses on our Leica M cameras. The range of over 60 years or more in these optics provides an incredible diversity in rendering. The Leica M11 sensor features a unique set of IR and UV cut filters comprised of two extremely thin cemented layers of glass. This sensor construction allows for effective correction even on vintage Leica M lenses.

Multi-Field Metering

For the very first time, we got multi-field metering in the Lecia M. During our time with the Leica M11 for its launch, we spent a lot of time photographing high dynamic scenes commonly found in landscape and architectural photography. Getting the correct exposure and maximizing the dynamic range capabilities of the Leica M11's sensor is easy with Multi-field metering.

New Materials & Construction

The Leica comes in two finish options, just like previous M cameras, but there is something new underneath the surface. The Leica M11 we tested was a Black finish version and sported the aluminum body plates that are 20% lighter than the brass construction found on the silver version. These two options give two distinct options for those who want a more weighty brass camera or those who prefer a lighter, more agile feel.

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