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Some Leica's Are Better with Age & Use

It is not every day you get to handle a beautiful black paint M2, on the other hand, it is even more of a rarity to see an M2 black paint with a patina as beautiful as this one. On this Black Paint, M2 is a matching 5cm Rigid Summicron in brass mount and black paint. A combo that is made in Leica heaven.

In my opinion, this is one of the nicest looking patinas on any black paint camera that I have ever seen, but that is probably due to the 50 plus years of use. Manufactured in 1962 this M2 black paint is one of 200 units ever to be produced that year, and furthermore one of only a few known to be in existence after more than half a century of age.

The 5cm Rigid Summicron is a perfect match for this Black Paint M2, and although slightly older vintage at 1958. This lens functionality and aesthetically fits perfectly with the M2 Black Paint.

The best part about this Black Paint M2? Is it the patina? Is it the value? The collectability? None of these in my opinion. The most outstanding feature about this M2 is its usability. All speeds function perfectly down to one second, the curtain is pristine, and the decades of prestige and use are inspiring. The camera is begging for a roll of tri-x and a good day out and about.

By Ben Carpenter

April 4, 2018