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Photowalk with the Leica IIIF

Join Carlo on the streets of San Francisco for a photo walk with the Leica IIIF and a 2.8cm Summaron-M. Fitting the Leica IIIF camera era, Carlo uses Kodak Ektachrome E100 transparency film to capture scenes from our street photography mecca of San Francisco.

The Leica IIIF is one of the last screw-mount Leica's produced by Leica in the 1950s. Alongside the Leica IIIG, it holds a special place among photographers as it was one of the most technologically advanced screw mount cameras. The Leica IIIF upheld the values and ideals that Oscar Barnak aspired to create with the UR Leica in 1914. For this reason, many consider it to be the epidemie of the Leica screw mount age before the invention of the Leica M.

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Shot On the Leica IIIF & 2.8cm Summaron using Kodak E100 Film

October 27, 2021