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Leica SL2 & SL2-S Ultimate Guide to Accessories

Having the right accessories for your Leica SL2 or SL2-S kit can make or break how well your SL2 works for you. Here are some of our favorite accessories for the Leica SL2 that we wouldn't be caught without!

More Power: Spare Batteries and Charging for the Leica SL2

Leica Battery BP-SCL 4 SL / Q2

Lecia BP-SCL4 Battery for Leica SL/Q2

It is always a good idea to have a spare battery with the SL2. Despite the BP-SCL4 being one of the best batteries a mirrorless camera could have, we've all been in that position on a long trip or extended day out shooting when our battery dies out of the blue. Don't be that person. Get a spare battery.

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Nitecore BP-SCL4 Charger For Leica SL / Q2

Nitecore BP-SCL4 Charger for Leica SL2/Leica Q2

We truly love the Nitecore charger for the Leica. It's not only compact and easy to keep in your bag, but you can also charge off of a USB outlet. Pro Tip: Bring a USB power bank with you and use this charger with the power bank in a pinch.

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Finding the Perfect Strap

We have various straps available for the Leica SL2 to fit every personal style and function need. Unlike any other camera, the Leica SL2 does not feature eyelet style strap lugs that you might find on a Leica M camera. Instead, Leica has opted for a flatter strap lug. Although with enough determination, you can apply a standard strap ring to the flat lug of the Leica SL2, it is not recommended as it will scratch and damage the finish of the camera.

Leica X Cooph Straps

The COOPH x Leica Strap

COOPH makes a wonderfully crafted rope strap that can be purchased without the ring. COOPH rope straps attach to the Leica SL2 lugs perfectly, and we think the aesthetic of the rope strap on the SL2 completes the minimal industrial design motif.

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Harry Benz Brogue SL MIW Edition

The Harry Benz Brogue Leather Strap for Leica SL

Harry Benz is a fine leather craftsman we have had the privilege of working with over the years. His Brogue strap for the Leica SL features a leather loop system that fits the SL2 lugs without any need for metal or nylon. The hole punching and painting on the strap edges are remarkable, making this strap genuinely unique compared to other options.

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DSPTCH SF Camera Straps


These simple yet effective nylon straps by DSPTCH are ideal for the Leica SL2 because they feature nylon tie on quick-release ends that will not damage the lugs or finish of the Leica SL2.

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Our Favorite Bags for the Leica SL2

Like Straps, camera bags are highly personal. We have a few favorites, though.

Billingham SL2 Bag

Billingham made this incredible bag just for the SL2 and medium zoom lens. It is a perfect complement to the SL2 with the 24-90mm or 24-70mm f2.8 Vario lenses attached. It will work fine with some extra room with an M lens or Summicron-SL lens. The bottom of the bag features a foam padding piece that is molded to cradle the SL2 camera body and lens.

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Oberwerth Porto

Oberwerth Porto

The Oberwerth Porto makes for the perfect SL2 camera bag when you need room for a few lenses. The Porto features more than enough room for an SL2, a couple of zoom lenses (including the 90-280mm f2.8-4) or primes, accessories, and a 13-inch laptop or tablet. The Porto also features stiffer full-grain leather and CORDURA for optimal protection and style.

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Oberwerth Richard

Oberwerth Richard

The Oberwerth Richard is a camera bag that looks nothing like a Camera Bag. The main thing we love about the Oberwerth Richard is the soft vegetable tanned leather that has been crafted to perfection. The Richard comes in a tad smaller in size than the Porto. Still, the Richard remains large enough to accommodate the Leica SL2 , a couple of lenses, and a 13-inch laptop or tablet. Along with all that interior space, there are also large dump pockets on the front for easy access to accessories and smaller items.

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Billingham Rucksack 25 Camera Backpack

Billingham Rucksack 25

For those looking for a backpack option, the Ruck Sack 25 gives you more than enough room to kit the Leica SL2 with a large lens fitted and several other accessories. The Rucksack 25 features a weather-resistant canvas and, of course, the classic Billingham look and feel we all know and love.

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Half Cases

Oberwerth SL2 Half Case

Oberwerth SL2 Half Case

Half cases aren't for everyone, but if you are looking to protect the finish on the base of your camera while adding a bit of style to the Leica SL2, we highly recommend the Oberwerth SL2 Half cases made from fine leather and built with fantastic craftsmanship.

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Thumb Support

Thumbs Up Leica SL2 EP-SL2

Thumbs-Up Leica SL2 EP-SL2

We love the EP-SL2 Match Technical Thumbs-Up support of the Leica SL2. It is a fitting and small addition to the camera that goes a long way in making the SL2 balance much better with holding the camera with one hand or just trying to get a good grip on the camera to stabilize that heavier lens.

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Don't Forget the Memory.

Hoodman UHS II SD

Hoodman UHS II SD Cards

We have been working with many memory card manufacturers throughout the years and have realized that not all memory cards are created equal. The Leica SL2 is a high-performance camera and in the same way a performance car is only as good as the tires you put on it the same can be said about the Leica SL2. It is only as good as the memory card you put in it. Since both slots on the Leica SL2 are the UHS-II variant of SD we highly recommend the Hoodman UHS-II SD cards and use them in all of our cameras in our stores.

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By Ben Carpenter

July 7, 2021