The long-awaited moment has arrived as Leica unveils the highly anticipated successor to its best-selling camera, the Leica Q3. Throughout its entire lifecycle, the Leica Q2 captivated us with its remarkable performance and compact design thus firmly establishing itself as Leica's top-selling model. This popularity stems from the Leica Q's distinctive role in the everyday lives of photographers, offering unparalleled image quality through its full-frame sensor and 28mm Summilux lens, all within a compact and user-friendly design. Building upon the foundational strengths of the "Leica Q," the torch has now been passed to the next generation: the Leica Q3.

It brings us immense pleasure to introduce you to the phenomenal Leica Q3. Our excitement is palpable, and we can't wait to share the photography made possible with the Leica Q3.

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Leica Q3


The Specifications - An Overview

The Leica Q3 is a trailblazer in its series as it houses the first ever 60MP BSI CMOS Sensor with Triple Resolution Technology. This unprecedented feature allows for a stunning 14 stops of dynamic range and offers digital zoom options up to 90mm. With this, photographers can capture more detail and greater depth in their images than ever before, making every shot a potential masterpiece.

Note: The Leica Q2 only had virtual frame lines up to 75mm. The new 60mm sensor in the Leica Q3 allows for even more cropping while still maintaining a highly usable image thus making 90mm frame lines an option.

Powering this technological marvel is the new Maestro IV Processor, paired with a whopping 8GB of buffer memory. This combination results in lightning-fast processing speeds, ensuring that the camera keeps up with every action, no matter how fast-paced.

The Q3 also features a state-of-the-art Hybrid Autofocus system powered by both Contrast and Phase Detection autofocus. With capabilities for tracking the eye, face, body, and even animals, the Q3 ensures every subject is captured with precise detail and clarity. The Contrast autofocus increases the accuracy of the focusing system, while phase detection is great for tracking and capturing fast-moving objects.

Further advancements include a new tiltable backscreen, with a 76% increase in resolution compared to its predecessor, the Leica Q2. Similarly, the Q3’s Electronic View Finder (EVF) now boasts a 56% increase in resolution, matching the resolution and frame rate of the Leica SL2 and SL2-S viewfinders. These enhancements ensure that what photographers see is a clear and true representation of what you are capturing, much like you would on the Leica M camera with optical viewfinder, but with the added benefits of an EVF such as real time preview.

Note: The Leica tillable LCD features on robust and one of a kind mechanism. Leica has never before featured a tilt screen in their cameras, and with the introduction of the tilt screen on the Leica Q3 there is no doubt in our minds that this screen will withstand the durability standards we have come to expect of our Leica cameras and Optics.

In the connectivity department, Leica has, for the first time, introduced new ports into the Q3. With HDMI for video recording and USB-C for charging and data transfer, the convenience factor has been significantly upped. Notably, the Q3 is capable of 8K resolution output and supports ProRes video, making it an exceptional tool for videographers as well as photographers. In tandem with 10x faster wireless transfer speeds to the Leica FOTOS app, thanks to embedded MIMO Technology, the Q3 offers unparalleled convenience and performance making it the prefect companion for what we are calling, “Everyday photography.”

Note: The Leica Q3 transfers at up to 35mb/s or 2-seconds for a DNG files vs. the 3mb/s which took 30-seconds on the Leica Q2 to transfer.

Powering the Leica Q3 is a new battery (The BP-SCL6) that boasts 18% more power than the previous generation. Remarkably, the Q3 is the first ever full-frame camera to feature wireless charging capabilities.

For the outdoor photographers and adventurers, the Leica Q3 has an IP52 Weather Sealing Certification, offering protection against dust and water, and ensuring the camera's durability in various weather conditions.

As if the specifications where not impressive enough the Leica Q3 comes with a full range of new accessories perfect for making the Leica Q3 uniqly your own camera, for your own photography.

The Accessories

The Leica Q is whatever you make it. It is your companion for everyday photography. Leica has announced several beautiful accessories to compliment the Leica Q3 and tailor it to your own style.

Make the Leica Q3 Your Own

Introducing the exquisite lens caps, round lens hoods, hot shoe covers, soft shutter releases, and thumb supports for the Leica Q, available in Black, Silver, and a stunning blasted brass finish. Designed to fit all Leica Q cameras perfectly, these accessories add both beauty and functionality to your photography.

Note: The screw-in soft shutter release will work on Leica M cameras, but not on Q2 and Q 116 models or SL cameras as they do not have screw-in type shutter releases.

New Leica Soft Release Leica Soft Release
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New Leica Lens Cap for Q, E49 Leica Lens Cap for Q, E49
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New Thumb Support Q3 Thumb Support Q3
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Leica Q3 Half Cases

Introducing the Leica Q3 Leather Halfcase - a seamless blend of function and style for your camera gear. Available in Olive Green, Cognac, and Black Leather, this halfcase offers the perfect balance of protection and aesthetics.

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Wireless Charging & Higher Capacity Battery 

In a groundbreaking move, Leica introduces wireless charging to its digital cameras for the very first time. To enjoy wireless charging capabilities for your Leica Q3, you will need two essential components: the Leica Wireless Charging Handgrip HG-DC1 and the Drop XL Wireless Charger, designed to perfectly complement the HG-DC1 handgrip. This innovative charging solution offers convenience and flexibility for your photography needs.

In addition to wireless charging, Leica has announced a new battery for the Leica Q2, the BP-SCL6, which boasts 18% more capacity than the BP-SCL4.

Note: the BP-SCL6 is the same form factor as the BP-SCL4 (for Q2 and SL cameras), but at this time, the BP-SCL4 is not certified to work in Q2 and SL cameras.

Accessories from Your Favorite Brands

Oberwerth Q Bag

Oberwerth has introduced a new Q bag designed specifically for Leica Q cameras. These bags have been meticulously crafted and Oberwerth has generously provided us with some of the initial production copies for review. The Q Bag from Oberwerth is available in two of their signature Leathers: Hydro leather, known for its water-resistant properties that cause liquid to bead up and roll off the surface, and Casual line leather, which offers a soft and supple feel, ideal for everyday carrying by Leica Q or M photographers. The new Q bag is available in a range of exciting colors. Stay tuned for a more detailed review of these remarkable bags.

The Billingham Everyday Bags

Billingham has been a trusted and beloved brand in the bag industry for a considerable period. Their range of bags offers an excellent choice for those seeking an everyday bag for the Leica Q3. These bags are renowned for their robust build, weather-resistant materials, and timeless aesthetic. Specifically for the Leica Q3, we highly recommend considering the Digital Hadley, Hadley Small Pro, and Mini Eventer bags as they are well-suited to meet your needs.

Leica Q3 Sample Images

by Carlo Velasquez

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the Leica Q3 is more than just an upgrade—it represents a new benchmark for full-frame cameras. With its formidable set of features, superior imaging capabilities, and refined design, it is truly more capable than ever. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a passionate enthusiast, the Q3 is designed to take your photography to the next level.

Concerning Pre-Order of the Leica Q3

The long-awaited Leica Q3 has certainly captured everyone's attention and has generated an overwhelming demand. To address this, we are excited to announce that we are now opening up pre-orders starting today. We invite all enthusiasts to join our list so we can keep you fully informed about the status of your camera order, along with providing additional insights and updates on the Leica Q3. Please don't hesitate to fill out the form below to pre-order this eagerly anticipated piece of technology.

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